Symptoms and Causes of Meningitis Easy Home Remedies


Symptoms and Causes of Meningitis Easy Home Remedies


Friends, today I will tell you what is meningitis, what are the symptoms of meningitis, what are the causes of meningitis, what are the other names of meningitis or what are the names of meningitis known?  And how old do people get meningitis and what is the simple home and home treatment for it, and how can you avoid the death of meningitis, ie what is its diet?  Today I will tell you the full details of this disease.

First of all, let's talk about what is meningitis?

Friends, meningitis is a disease from which a person loses his life.  Every year 4.5 million people from all over the world lose their lives due to this disease.  That means 4.5 million people die from the disease.  Bacteria in meningitis affects the human brain.  Due to which a person suffers from high fever and a lot of pain.  And the patient's neck is stiff in one place. The patient cannot twist his neck.  This disease is called meningitis.

Symptoms of meningitis

Symptoms of meningitis are mild.  The person who suffers from this disease stops eating and drinking. The patient's throat becomes swollen. And the patient starts to feel dizzy.  If the child gets this disease, the child cries all the time and does not eat or drink anything.Older people have a lot of pain in their body. A person has a very high fever and the body temperature becomes very high.  These are just some of the symptoms of meningitis.  And man's eyes turn yellow.  And the fog begins to appear in front of the eyes.  And the patient starts getting cold, fever and cough.

Causes of Kidney Fever

Here are some common causes of meningitis: Bacteria in the air reach the brain through inhalation and affect our brain greatly.  Due to which we get hepatitis B and C. And it is also called meningitis.

What are the names of neck tour fever or neck fever?

Meningitis is often referred to as meningitis.  And some people call it hepatitis B and C.  And it is also called fatal fever.  Meningitis is also called rash.

How old do people get meningitis?

Meningitis is a deadly disease that does not age.  That's it.  Meningitis also affects older people and children.  The disease affects people of all ages.

Precautions or diet for meningitis

Here are some essential precautions to avoid meningitis.  It is very important to wear a face mask to avoid meningitis.  Wearing a mask can prevent bacteria from getting into the mouth. To avoid this disease, we should take special care of hand hygiene.  And the room and the hoof should be kept clean.  And we should eat good food, fresh and fresh food.  Live in clean and airy rooms.

And if a servant has a fever, he should rest and do nothing until he recovers.

Diet of a meningitis patient

Patients with meningitis should be given soft food.  Rice, porridge, etc., and bread should not be given at all until the patient recovers, and soft fruits, etc., should be used.  And juice should be made and drunk.

Easy home and home remedies for meningitis patients

It takes a few days to reduce the severity of meningitis.  But if not treated in time, it can be fatal.  And it kills.  To reduce the severity of the fever, take 7 green cardamom seeds and boil them in a glass of water.  When half a cup of water is left, cool it and add 3 tablespoons of pure rose liqueur in it and dissolve it well.And drink a little before going to bed and then go to sleep.  Remember to sleep in a place where there is not much air after drinking this syrup.  Because drinking it will make your khusm sweat a lot.  And sweating will get rid of harmful bacteria in the body with the help of sweat.  Your body temperature will remain the same.  And your mind will be very calm.  Using it will get rid of your meningitis.  You have to use this prescription until your fever goes away.