What are the types of hemorrhoids and easy and home remedies for hemorrhoids


What are the types of hemorrhoids and easy and home remedies for hemorrhoids

Friends, today I will tell you what hemorrhoids are.  What are the types of hemorrhoids and what are they?  What are the causes of hemorrhoids and what are the causes?  Disadvantages of Hemorrhoids - Precautions to Avoid Hemorrhoids  And easy and home remedies for hemorrhoids. First of all, let me tell you what hemorrhoids are.

What is hemorrhoids?

Friends, diseases are caused by our carelessness and laziness.  And hemorrhoids are one of them.  Hemorrhoids are caused by inflammation of the colon and anus.  When people are not careful and eat inappropriate things, our colon and intestines become swollen.  There are also wounds on the colon and rectum.  And later they cause a lot of rain. And people spend millions of rupees. And they also face a lot of trouble.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are three types of hemorrhoids.

 1 Bad hemorrhoids

 2 bloody hemorrhoids

 3 Hemorrhoids

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are also a type of hemorrhoids and are very dangerous.  What happens in hemorrhoids is that when a person eats inappropriate things carelessly, his colon and rectum become swollen.  This type of hemorrhoids does not cause odor on the large intestine and rectum and does not cause bleeding.  There is only swelling and a lot of pain.

What is bloody hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are also a very dangerous type of hemorrhoids.  And they keep bleeding. And they hurt a lot.

What is Mohko Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are the most dangerous type of hemorrhoids. In this type of small hemorrhoids appear on the large intestine and rectum.  They do not bleed but there is a lot of pain.  The servant cannot sit or stand.

How does hemorrhoids develop?

Causes of Hemorrhoids ...?

When man eats like an animal.  He does not take care of his health. He does not recognize the good and the bad. This disease occurs at that time. People who eat hot food.  And people who eat spicy foods get hemorrhoids very quickly. People who have constipation also get hemorrhoids. And people who consume more spices in their food also get hemorrhoids. What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

The following are some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.  When a person eats food, the beet is irritated.  Pain in the large intestine and rectum.  When a person urinates a lot, there is a lot of pain. And June also comes. Nothing is digested in the stomach.  It is very difficult to digest food.

What are the disadvantages of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids have many disadvantages, but here are some of them.  A person with hemorrhoids cannot sit still. A person with hemorrhoids cannot eat well.  A person with hemorrhoids becomes weaker day by day.  And the beat hurts all the time.

And then to get rid of this disease, he has to undergo an operation, which costs him a lot of money.  And it takes a lot of time.  And life can be lost. Your health can be ruined.

What are the precautions to avoid hemorrhoids?

If a person wants to avoid this deadly disease, he should not overeat.  Avoid fried foods. Don't eat spicy foods. Avoid fritters, samosas and hot foods of this type. Don't use red peppers, but use more black peppers in food.  Don't use spices in food. And use more water. And use more juice etc. in summer days.  Do not dehydrate the body.  Be sure to drink a glass of water every hour. Do not use too much rice or rice.  Hemorrhoids can also be caused by overeating.  Eating too much, such as potatoes, can make people sick.

Easy and Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Here are some tips for people with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can also be prevented by mixing one tablespoon of gooseberry in one pound of milk before going to bed at night.

2 Soak 3 to 4 figs at night and eat it in the morning to get rid of hemorrhoids.

3 Hemorrhoids can also be removed by dissolving a teaspoon of asbaghol in a pound of yogurt before breakfast in the morning.

4 Hemorrhoids can also be cured by drinking almond oil in milk before going to bed at night.

5 Hemorrhoids are not caused by eating marmalade before going to bed at night.

6 Hemorrhoids are not cured by rubbing black salt on cabbage and eating it on a full stomach.

7 Hemorrhoids can be eliminated by maximizing water intake.  Also visit the use of juices etc. in summer days.

8 Use gauze that keeps the intestines soft.

Hemorrhoids are more common in older people.

There is no age limit for hemorrhoids.  The disease is more common in young people. It affects people who are not careful in eating and drinking.  Whether they are young or old.  So we have to be very careful to avoid this disease